Email Marketing

Posted on Nov 8, 2011

If you aren’t following up with your current customers in some way by collecting their contact information for future use, you are leaving 25% of profits on the table.  Marketing to your customers by either email and/or text, it keeps your restaurant on the top of their minds the next time they are trying to decide where to go eat.

We can create a name and email collection form on your Mobile Optimized Website so your customers can opt-in with their information.  And as an incentive to do so we can have them automatically redirected to a special coupon page as a thank you for sharing their info.  These customers can also be emailed a monthly newsletter, announcements of special events at the restaurant, special coupons and other information about your restaurant that, again, keep your restaurant on the top of their minds.

A page with an email capture form is included in the price of your Mobile Optimized Website.  We will collect these names and emails for you.  But if you would like us to handle the marketing to these names and emails, there is an additional charge.  Speak with one of our representatives today, or Contact Us here for more information!