Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My site shows up on my phone. That means it’s mobile-friendly, right?

A: Not necessarily. Most sites will show up on a smartphone, but unless they have been designed with mobile in mind they may not provide the best user experience. A truly mobile-friendly site is tailored to the needs of mobile users and device capabilities


Q: We built a mobile app. That’s the same thing, isn’t it?

A: Mobile apps can be an important part of your mobile strategy, but the fact is, they are not a replacement for a mobile-friendly site. Apps are platform-specific and take a lot of work to update. A mobile site, however, will work on any mobile device with a browser.


Q: I don’t think my customers are mobile. Isn’t that mostly for teenagers?

A: Absolutely not. In the US, smartphone penetration reached 17% (age 13-17), 54% (age 18-24), 62% (age 25- 34), 53% (age 35-44), 39% (age 45-54), 30% (age 55-64) and 18% (age 65+) by the end of Q3 in 2011*.  This is only expected to grow.
(* Nielsen, November 2011)


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Since creates a totally custom website, prices vary.  However, we are far more affordable then typical web designers would charge to build a mobile optimized website.  And since we do all of the work the website is totally custom created.


Q: Do you host the website?

A: Yes.  We charge a small monthly hosting, maintenance and updating fee, which includes the uploading and hosting of your Mobile Optimized Website.  This fee also includes a certain number of updates to the website as needed and depends on the monthly package you select.   You can also pay for hosting upfront and save.  See a representative for details.


Q: How are users directed to the website when they are on a mobile device?

A: We will send the webmaster (the person/company that handles your current website) a special script that they will install on your current website.  This script, once installed, will then detect if a visitor to your website is coming from a mobile device and what type of mobile device (iphone, blackberry, android, etc).  The script will then redirect the visitor to the new Mobile Optimized  Website.


Q: Does the script change the way my existing website looks or functions?

A: No. If the visitor is going to your standard, existing website, from a desktop computer, nothing will change.  Your website will still look and function exactly the same.


Q: Who installs the script on my website?

A: We send the script to your current webmaster (whoever manages your current website) and they can install it.  If you would like us to do it, we can for a small fee.


Q: How long does it take to finish?

A: Depending on how many design changes you would like to make, from start to finish it takes approximately 5 business days or less.


Q: How do you handle updates to my menu and other announcements?

A: Depending on the monthly hosing, maintenance and updates package you select you will get a certain number of updates included in the monthly fee.  You will select which package you think fits your needs the best.  You will simply email or call us with what the update is and we will make the changes ASAP.


Q: Do you offer other services?

A: Yes!  We offer an entire range of marketing services all dedicated to getting you more business into your restaurant.  This includes, Facebook Fan page creation and marketing, Twitter and other Social Media including YouTube marketing, Text Message (SMS) marketing (very effective!), building an opt-in email list of your clients and marketing to them later with special “VIP” only offers, Search Engine Optimization of your current website, standard website design and consultation, and Pay Per Click advertising.  We work with you in implementing the best marketing strategy possible for your budget.  Please speak with one of our representatives who can custom design a Marketing Plan for your specific needs.


Q: How to I get started?

A: Please either call us at (702) 608-0604 or fill out the Contact Us form here.  And let us know if you have any other questions.  We will be more than happy to speak with you today!