Mobile Coupons

Posted on Feb 18, 2012

We are sure you know the benefit coupons can have to bring business into your restaurant.  Look at how successful Groupon has been.  Now imagine having your own coupons, but digital and trackable? All available on your customers mobile devices.  We can set that up for you and help you track and update it.  Did you know Mobile Coupons have 10x the redemption rate as traditional physical coupons?

Generally MOBILE COUPONS are delivered to customers who take part in your “VIP TEXTING CLUB” (or whatever you would like to call it).  In exchange for your loyal customers giving you their mobile number, so you can text them specials and other announcements, you make available to them, and only them, a special coupon.  You also continue to send them special “VIP ONLY” deals.  This really has a tremendous affect on repeat business and also word of mouth viral marketing.  When people feel like they are part of a select group, inwhich only they can get these amazing deals, it makes them feel special.  But more importantly, these customers, when it comes time to decide where to eat tonight, are more likely to choose your restaurant over your competition.

You can also offer a more general coupon to customers that have just simply visited your mobile website and found the “special offers” page.  These coupons can vary and we can set up expiration dates for them.  We can even link a QR Code to them so you can track their use.

Implementing a MOBILE COUPON system like this is a lot easier then you might think.  Don’t worry about the technological side of it…we will handle all of that for you.  Speak to one of our representatives today about how MOBILE COUPONS can help your restaurant.

(Now again..we will do everything we can to get customers in your door…you just have to keep them happy with good service and great food!)