Now Offering Mobile Apps!

Posted on Jul 4, 2012 is excited to announce that we are now offering our clients the ability to also have their own apps for both the Apple and Android markets!  We still highly recommend getting our Mobile Optimized Website package, as a Mobile Optimized Website is geared towards new, potential customers, while an app is more for your loyal current customers.

What’s especially exciting about our ability to create an app for your restaurants is these following additional features NOT available with a Mobile Optimized Website:

– Mobile Food Ordering: Now customers that have your app can easily order food to go straight from the menu within the app.  The order can even be sent directly to the kitchen and printed out on a special Epson printer for the chefs to get the orders directly.  Customers can even pay for the food within the app ahead of time, or pay when they pick up the food (or delivered, if available).  So they can now look at the menu and order right from it without having to call the restaurant!  Very Cool!

– Push Notifications: For those customers that have downloaded the app, you can send them special push notifications (short messages that pop-up on their screen) to let them know about any new offers perhaps especially just for app holders.  Similar to SMS/Text messaging but its included with the app and can be done anytime for free.

– Easier directions to the restaurant from wherever they are:  If customers need to know how to get to your restaurant from where they are it takes virtually one click.  The app is able to ustilize the GPS features of the phone to figure out where they are and where you are and give turn-by-turn directions.  The difference with the Mobile Optimized Website is that it just shows on the map where your restaurant is.  The user has to tell the maps application to give them directions from their current location.  Still does the same thing, just takes a few more steps.  With the app it is just so much easier.

– Check-in feature to unlock deals:  So whenever your customers check into your restaurant with the app they come one step closer to unlocking a certain coupon.  The app keeps track of how many times your customer has checked into your restaurant, then depending on the parameters you would like us to set up, it will unlock some type of one-time use coupon.  So for instance, you could give your customers a 2-for-1 entree coupon after they check in 5 times.  Or give them a free bottle of wine after 10 check-ins…you decide!  It’s the “punch card” concept without the punch card!

– A more interactive photo gallery and customers can take and post pictures to share: The photo gallery feature is slightl.y easier to navigate through, then with a Mobile Optimized Website.  Users can swipe their finger across the screen to scroll through the images versus clicking the “next” icon.  Also, users can use the camera within the phone to take and post pictures within the app.

There are a number of other great features that we can offer you with a app.  Speak to one of our representatives today!

And now through the end of August we are offering a special deal on these apps for those of you that decide to get our Mobile Optimized Website package.  Please Contact Us today, or speak with one of our representatives to find out more about this special limited time offer we have going.