Online Customer Feedback Forms

Posted on Mar 21, 2012

One of the best ways to offer great customer service (and get repeat business) is to get feedback from your current customers, and then address any consistent issues.  So many restaurants know this, but never seem to offer any way of their customers to give feedback.

So we’ve come up with a great solution:  offer feedback forms in a mobile friendly format where customers can give their feedback by filling out a simple form on their mobile phone.  Now, that’s great and all, but doesn’t do you much good if no one is filling them out, right?  Well we’ve got you covered there too.  In exchange for filling out the form, your customers can be automatically redirected to a very special valuable coupon that they can use right there at the end of their meal.  Just tell your servers to point out how your customers can access the feedback form using their Smartphones.  One cool way that works great is simply print a QR Code on the receipt where users can scan the code and be automatically directed to the feedback form without even having to type in a web address.  Pretty cool, eh?

This is an additional service not included in the standard Mobile Optimized Website package, so speak with one of our representatives today about implementing this valuable tool and resource into your marketing plan today! Or just Contact Us here