Why You Need A Mobile Site

Why You Need A Mobile Site

You may be wondering “why does my restaurant need a mobile website?”

Well we can answer that with a very interesting statistic: 50% of all searches done on a mobile phone are local related searches… These are people who are on out on their phones, away from their desktop and home computers looking for something. And you have to think that often times its a restaurant. 88% of those people searching on their mobile device take action that same day.

Approximately 50% of all visits to a non-mobile optimized websites leads to immediate abandonment.

Google says, a poor mobile web experience can negatively shape a consumer’s opinion of a brand or company and make it hard for them to engage or make a purchase. In fact, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone.

Google will even rank your mobile optimized website higher in the mobile search engine rankings against your competitors websites that are not mobile ready.  For Google its all about providing users with a positive experience and giving them exactly what they were searching for.  So if Google knows the users are on a mobile device they want to make sure that whenever possible, they show mobile ready sites in the results.

A clean, simple mobile optimized site gives your potential and existing customers exactly what they are looking for when they are searching for a good place to eat and come across your website.  They want to know what’s on the menu, what are your hours and how do they get there.  If they need to call and make a reservation, they can simply “click to call” your number and be connected right away.  Its all about giving your customers a positive user experience before they even walk in the door.

You can also let them know what the specials are and what other people are saying about your restaurant.

We can create a totally custom professional looking mobile website that even mirrors the look and feel of your current website.

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